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My story

I was born in Paris in 1962 ; my workshop is located in Sare.

After studying arts, I started to get interested in color and new technologies.

​My work as a visual artist and colourist stems not only from all those years of collaboration with the world of fashion but also from my work on resin and lacquer performed for several couture houses and jewellers.

As I was working daily with self made colored resins, I decided to reuse the surplus of the colors and to turn it into something different way before upcycling became fashionable.

Upcycling gives me the opportunity to attempt new experiments in visual arts and create contemporary sculptures : explosion of colors, splashes skilfuly contained within a synthetic cristal. Inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock, Sam Francis and Arman and I adapt their techniques to my work on resin in a synthetic cristal.

As a multifaceted visual artist, I also work on creating figurative art pieces with symbolic power like La Liberté in 2010. Nowadays, I use new technologies to create two legendary characters that are going to become tomorrow’s Basque mythology.


I work with interior designers to create custom made pieces meeting the client’s specifications.

Are you a company ?  Let’s talk about your project and create an artwork reflecting your identity.


French companies, think of tax exemption !


Fanfan ©JeanMichelDucasse.jpeg

Available and new artworks

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